Three Lesser Known Hacking Techniques

  1. Watering hole attack: This attack is launched at websites that your business and/or employees visit frequently. The attacker may modify the website code to compromise a certain section of the site or insert malware by modifying an application you use on a daily basis.
  2. Fake wireless access points: A simple hack for the experienced cyber criminal, this one involves faking a wireless access point to mislead WiFi users at an office, airport or coffee shop into connecting to it. This, in turn, gives the attacker access to actual/real usernames and passwords to steal data.
  3. Business email compromise (BEC): This email-based attack was targeted at a number of companies in the United States, Middle East and Asia last year. Here, attackers hijacked the email accounts of leaders or accounting executives handling financial transactions. Posing as legitimate communications from business partners, the malicious emails contained attachments with a keylogger program that stole information about the system configuration, email clients, and log-in credentials stored in browsers.

Image credit : Pixabay

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