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Siza Technologies Can Help Prevent Cybercrime and Protect Your Business Assets

If there is one thing cybercriminals are good at, it is finding weaknesses and security loopholes in technology. While small and medium-sized business owners may think they aren’t large enough to be the target of cybercrime, the opposite actually holds true. More and more cybercriminals are specifically targeting small businesses since their security is likely to be easier to penetrate.

Research from leading experts shows that anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of all cyber attacks were carried out against small businesses. This number has risen significantly since 2011. What’s more, a cyber attack costs small businesses more than $20,000 on average, according to research from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Losing that amount of money is something numerous smaller organizations simply never recover from.

You’re probably well aware of the importance of protecting your email from spear fishing, ransomware and other attacks, but this is only part of the battle. With small businesses now strengthening their email security, cybercriminals have begun targeting other less protected areas. They have now turned their attention to websites where they can redirect users to malicious sites, gain access to sensitive data or assets and even destroy your online presence.

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Can Save Your Website

In this day and age, the website has replaced the storefront or office when it comes to making a good impression with clients. It is why you poured valuable time and resources into creating a site you are proud of. However, many small and medium-sized business owners neglect the management aspects of a website once it is completed, thinking there is no need to look after it.

This is a big mistake. According to Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, 75 percent of all legitimate websites have some sort of vulnerability that could be exploited by cybercriminals. There are numerous ways cybercriminals can attack these weaknesses and harm your business and your clients.

That is why today, vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is a necessity for businesses of all sizes. If you don’t identify your website’s vulnerabilities and protect them, it is only a matter of time before you become a victim of a cybercrime. The damage of a cyber attack is twofold. In the short term, you will have to take your site offline to have the threat removed as well as pay other costs associated with what happened. In the long term, your business reputation will take a significant hit and you’ll have to work hard to regain the trust of your clients.

Vulnerability scanning and penetration testing from Siza Technologies can help ensure that unpleasant scenario never becomes a reality. These two services work together to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your website’s security. Vulnerability scanning regularly searches your website for any areas where security has been compromised. The details of these scans are available immediately. This information should be handed over to your Webmaster as soon as possible so they can make necessary security improvements.

Meanwhile, strategic penetration tests discover which areas of your website are vulnerable, both today and in the future. The amount you test your site is up to you, but given the ever-evolving nature of cybercrime and its impact on websites, it’s a good idea to run penetration testing on a monthly basis at a minimum. While one-time testing is available, new threats and vulnerabilities are constantly being found. If you want true peace of mind knowing your website is not vulnerable to cybercrime, regularly scheduled penetration testing is the best option.

It’s recommended to use both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing since this is the only way to have a complete view of your website’s security. Utilizing both services allows you to see what vulnerabilities your site has, what areas are currently vulnerable to cybercrime and what areas could potentially be exposed in the future.

What Can Happen When Threats Go Undetected?

Having website vulnerabilities puts your assets, reputation and, ultimately, your livelihood at risk. Many small and mid-sized business owners are unaware of the size and scope of what cybercriminals can get their hands on via their website. Depending on what vulnerabilities exist, everything from credit card details to control of the entire website can be accessed. Here is a look at three of the biggest threats to your company if it has an unprotected website.

Asset and data theft

Chances are, somewhere on your website there is sensitive data or assets stored. It could be anything from credit card details to passport or ID numbers to authentication credentials such as usernames and passwords. Even basic data such as home addresses or personal phone numbers can be of interest to cybercriminals these days.

If your website collects any of these, it must be done through secure channels with extra protection in place to prevent it from being at risk. Unprotected or easily accessible data cannot only be sold on the black market by cybercriminals, but it can cause irreparable harm to your company’s reputation. Existing clients, especially ones affected by the data theft, will take their business elsewhere while potential future customers will not want to trust an organization that doesn’t have proper security in place.

Siza Technologies’ affordable penetration testing is able to identify any vulnerabilities you may have regarding sensitive data on your website. This allows you to take necessary steps to protect any assets that are exposed to possible cybercrime. It’s also wise to regularly test your website since its protections are constantly changing. Being protected today doesn’t necessarily mean your site is safe tomorrow.

Redirection to a malicious website

Earlier in the article it was mentioned that a website essentially serves as your storefront. Unlike physical shops or offices, however, it’s possible for a cyber attack to redirect people looking for your website to a dangerous one designed to compromise their computer or even steal their personal information.

If your website doesn’t have proper validation in place, it’s possible for cybercriminals to redirect victims to a phishing or malware site. A phishing site is setup in a way to build trust with a visitor and can be created in such a way that it mimics the look and feel of your current site. It will ask visitors for personal information including credit card details and ID numbers. The criminals will then make off with the information while customers blame you for allowing this to happen.

Malware sites are far less sophisticated and simply look to get those who visit the page to download whatever malicious attack it contains. In some cases, simply visiting the page is enough to download the malware onto a computer.

Believe it or not, website redirections are becoming a more common occurrence. Since it is easy for cybercriminals to set up unprotected websites, this can be more effective than email-based cyber attacks which must get through layers of security to reach the end user. In this case, all a person has to do is type in a website and they will be directed to the attack. Penetration testing is able to identify possible weaknesses that allow for redirections so this doesn’t happen to your company’s website.

Website is defaced/destroyed

Getting your website up and running can be a painstaking task. And yet in one moment, a hacker can wipe it out or deface it with malicious links, unauthorized ads or, worst of all, offensive messages. In some cases, cybercriminals will simply delete everything, leaving a note that your website has been hacked.

This can be a devastating and potentially embarrassing for a business owner. Last year in Australia, 20 small businesses had their websites defaced by pro-ISIS cybercriminals. In many cases, the companies didn’t even realize their websites had been attacked until upset customers or local media outlets notified them. It’s likely you wouldn’t even know your website had been defaced until hours or possibly even days after the fact.

This is why it’s important to have penetration testing done even if your website doesn’t collect personal information. Something as basic as a static homepage is enough for cybercriminals to find a vulnerability and exploit it for their own gain.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Small businesses try to convince themselves they are too small to be a victim of cybercrime or simply can’t afford to have regularly scheduled penetration testing conducted. Siza Technologies understands this and offers website security testing and protection at a price that won’t break the bank.

Testing will provide you with a clear list of the areas of your website can be exposed by vulnerabilities and steps you can take to correct each issue. If you truly want to protect your website from cybercrime, you can pair penetration testing with vulnerability scanning from Siza Technologies. The service offers your website real time and on-demand reporting, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing if anything happens to it, you’ll immediately be aware.

Don’t wait until after your website has been attacked by cybercriminals to run penetration testing. Save your business thousands of dollars by having it done today. Sign up now and protect your website and assets from cybercrime.

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